Porto Novo, Bénin

This latrine is a long way from home.

My friend and super talented writer and poet Delani Valin is currently living in Benin, West Africa. She was kind enough to share her experience with a latrine on the Motherland!

Here’s what she had to say:

“I really don’t know if the restaurant has a name but it’s in Porto Novo, Bénin. As far as my Bénin tourism of washrooms goes, I’d rate this is a 3 out of 10. There are some very solid and comfortable latrines, luxurious even, but this one was special in its novelty to me.” 

I wouldn’t even know where to start. Or finish, for that matter.

“Where is the bowl? Where is the door? Where is the toilet paper? 

These are questions I asked myself, but luckily I come prepared now with toilet paper and hand sanitizer so I don’t have to use the communal water washing bowls, (that I almost pissed in before realizing that’s what the drain is for.) As for the door—privacy is overrated.” 

Delani Valin

Thank you so much, Delani. You’ve just given the Latrine Scene its first overseas review! (I also hope your aim is as excellent as your poetry!)

I’ll be sure to avoid making a “Porto-potty-Novo” joke. Oh, crap. I guess I just did.

Toilet Paper Rating: (according to my advanced calculations) 3 / 10 = 1.5 / 5


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