Valentines Day at 7-Eleven in Edmonton, Alberta (Part 1)

Lovers rejoice. Your favourite chain for late-night nourishments, last-minute condoms, and after-sex smokes is finally providing a more involved option for your convenience store needs. The 7-Eleven at 14110 127 St NW in Edmonton, Alberta is now officially serving liquor. This means that from 11am – 11pm, you can now enjoy a bottle of wine… Read More Valentines Day at 7-Eleven in Edmonton, Alberta (Part 1)

Kim’s Korean BBQ House

When I was younger, Korean and Barbecue always seemed like oddly-paired words. Having little to no knowledge about East Asian cuisine or culture, I never really considered any connection between the mysterious far away nation and the steel thing hidden under a tarp beside my family’s garage. In my homogenized, westernized, television-influenced white-bread brain, I guess… Read More Kim’s Korean BBQ House