Shaw’s Shiny Short on the Latrine Scene

34419199_1013384748830351_1174739393009680384_nWhat began as neurotic musings on men’s rooms has become.. Well, it’s still that. Only now, you have a chance to see my greasy unkempt hair.

Fiona Shedden, an incredible talent in photography, videography, and all-around storytelling, did a video with me about The Latrine Scene for Shaw TV.  

Check out her work at Static Shores Media where you’ll find a surplus of amazing work covering a variety of topics and genres. I am beyond grateful for the work she did here. Mad love and respect, Fiona. ❤

(Psst: I also hear she has a pretty slick Community Return Program that you might be interested in hearing about!)

I swear this gets Windex’d daily.
Company Perks

As for Shaw’s staff restroom: it was pristine. Even the men’s room sign was too shiny to easily get a photo without some glare. Maybe it’s time I get an actual camera instead of using this cell phone I found at a bus stop 3 years ago.

One other cool thing I noticed was actually located outside of the washroom, but appropriate nonetheless. Shaw’s very own Gojo LTX touchless Black and Chrome Foam Dispenser! Complete with a drip tray and custom logo! This bad boy has the extra large window for easy foam-level monitoring. Shaw’s got their soap situation under control.

The entire experience left me feeling like a Toilet Room Rockstar. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I loved being a part of it.

Toilet Paper Rating: 5/5 



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